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UFC 198: Main Card Play-By-Play And Results


The prelims for UFC 198 are in the books, so it’s time to move to the main card. In the main event, heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum will face Stipe Miocic. In card’s co-headliner, “Jacare” Souza will take on fellow middleweight contender, Vitor Belfort.

Warlley Alves vs. Bryan Barberena

Round 1: Alves fires in a hard kick to the body. In the scramble Alves drops to a guillotine. Barberena is giving the thumbs up. Latter is out. The fight is back standing. Alves misses with a spinning kick to the head. Barberena returns with a flurry. Alves plants a right. Some nice elbows from Barberena. Alves lands some hard shots from the clinch; Barberena returns to the favor. Alves digs a right hand to the body. Barberena lands an inside leg kick (he’s landed a couple of nice ones this round). More clinch work. Round ends.

Round 2: Alves throws a right but takes a counter right from Barberena. Alves clinches up briefly. Alves pounds Barberena to the body with a kick. Alves lands another right. Barberena plants a nicely time knee to the body. Latter pushes Alves to the cage. Another hard body kick from Alves. Barberena returns to the favor. Barberena cracks Alves with another elbow from close in. Barberena goes high but Alves blocks it. Alves may be fading. Barberena plants a right hook. They trade shots but Barberena gets the better of the exchange. Round ends.

Round 3: Alves comes out fast and digs a kick to the body. Another inside leg kick from Barberena. Latter goes for a jumping kick but slips. Barberena gets back to his feet. Barberena moves off the cage with a nice trip. Barberena comes with a nice flurry. Alves tries a flying knee. Barberena with a couple more elbows from the clinch. Alves comes with some big punches but Barberena returns fire. Great fight. Big leg kick from Barberena. Latter comes forward and plants a couple of shots. Barberena with more punches. Alves returns fire. Alves spins with a kick and misses. Another flurry from Barberena. Wow. Final horn goes. Fantastic scrap.

Bryan Barberena def. Warlley Alves via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Corey Anderson vs. Mauricio Rua

Round 1: Rua misses with a couple of leg kicks. Rua plants a leg kick on his next attempt. And another one. Anderson is staying light on his feet but hasn’t landed anything yet. Big right from Rua just misses. Nice uppercut from Rua, followed with a leg kick. Anderson fires in a couple of shots. Flying knee attempt from Anderson. They’re clinched up against the fence. Anderson lands a left hook and a right. Rua has some redness by his left eye. “Shogun” with a hard left hook and right. Anderson goes high with a kick. Anderson comes with a flurry. Another leg kick from Rua. Latter cracks Anderson with a huge left hook and he stumbles to the floor. Rua follows up with punches from above but the horn goes. Crazy.

Round 2: Anderson seems to be okay. They wing some big shots but nothing lands. Another leg kick from Rua. Anderson storms forward with a nice flurry. Latter scores a TD. Rua rolls out and up to his feet. Anderson knees Rua to the body from the clinch. They break. Anderson with another TD attempt but he can’t get it. Anderson changes levels again but Rua counters with an uppercut. Another TD attempt from Anderson. He gets it but Rua’s back up. Rua with another leg kick. “Shogun” trips Anderson to the mat and the round ends.

Round 3: Rua fires in a leg kick. Anderson plants a left hook but takes a right counter. Anderson shoots in again and gets it. Anderson is working from within Rua’s guard. Anderson tosses down punches but Rua scrambles back to his feet. Another leg kick from Rua. Anderson drives for another TD. Rua is taken down briefly but gets back to his feet. Close fight. Anderson is still looking for the TD. They break briefly. Anderson looks for another TD but final horn goes.

“Shogun” Rua def. Corey Anderson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino vs. Leslie Smith

Round 1: “Cyborg” plants a big right right away. Leg kick from “Cyborg”.  Another right hand from Justino. Wow. “Cyborg” cracks Smith with a couple of big hooks and she hits the deck. Justino follows up with more punches and that’s a wrap. Smith was moving but took some big shots. After the official result is announced Smith seems upset about stoppage.

Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino def. Leslie Smith via TKO (punches) R1, 1:21

Vitor Belfort vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza

Round 1: Souza digs to the body with a kick. Belfort with a flying knee that misses. Souza changes levels and clinches up. Belfort moves out. Souza dives in on a leg and gets the TD. “Jacare” with a couple of elbows. Now some big punches from Souza. Belfort’s already bleeding. Ref stops fight to have cut looked at. Bout’s restarted on the ground. Wow. Belfort rolls out and gets to his feet. Souza has him pinned against the cage. Belfort falls to his back and throws some upkicks. Souza is hammering down shots. Now Souza moves into mount. More shots from Souza. Belfort’s taking a beating. That’s it. One sided win for Souza.

Ronaldo Souza def. Vitor Belfort via TKO (punches) R1, 4:38

Fabricio Werdum vs. Stipe Miocic

Round 1: They trade leg kicks. Miocic wings a big right and an elbow that misses. Werdum with another leg kick. They both fire big punches. Leg kick from Miocic. Werdum plants a right. Latter misses with a knee. Single leg attempt from champ is defended by Miocic. Challeger sticks a jab. Werdum flurries in and Miocic blasts him with a massive right hook. Werdum is done. Unbelievable. The crowd is stunned. Miocic proclaims he’s the world champ. He certainly is. Wow.

Stipe Miocic def. Fabricio Werdum via KO (punch) R1, 2:47


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