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Conor McGregor Outlines How Things “Blew up” With UFC Brass

Kelsey Mowatt

Conor McGregor

After Conor McGregor was yanked from UFC 200 the Irish star presented his side of the story via social media, but in a new interview the featherweight champ has outlined how things went down.

Unless you just took an interest in this MMA stuff, you know McGregor was pulled from a July 9th rematch with Nate Diaz, after he wouldn’t commit to all the media events the UFC had planned. Diaz submitted McGregor in March, and the latter said he wanted to focus on preparing for the rematch. The brash fighter also cited how much marketing he’s done for the promotion, and how much money he’s made for the UFC.

Well, the UFC stuck to their guns, and in a recent interview with ESPN, McGregor reported the following about the rift (quote via MMA

“I was in a time where I was like, figuring out something,” McGregor said. “I didn’t just shut out and say no to everything. I just wanted to do reasonable media, and then, hey, all of a sudden, ‘Conor, it’s three months from the fight, we’ve got to drag you (onto) 40-hour flights to come and do a runaround, New York, Vegas, California, 70 press conferences, 70 talk shows, adverts, all of this,’ and it’s like, I already made you $400 million last week. That was only last week, that fight. I need to get right.

 “That’s how it all came about. I just wanted to focus and I was deep in the process, and especially at that particular moment, I just wanted a little bit more time. I didn’t shut it off completely. Reasonable media, is what I said…They were trying to push back on me, I was trying to push back on them, and look, it blew up then.”

And there you have it. Here, several weeks later, we still don’t know when and who McGregor will next. Although, it’s clear the UFC is working on Diaz – McGregor II, as both Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta met with the fighters this week. The meeting with Diaz, however, failed to bring about a deal. Chances are the fight will get finalized sooner than later.

It will be interesting to see, however, how McGregor’s relationship with the UFC is moving forward. The featherweight champ and White have said they’re in a good place, but you have to wonder if issues could materialize once more. If McGregor can put together another winning streak, his stock could leap off the charts.


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