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Nate Diaz Blasts Donald Cerrone, Calls on Fighters to “Start Acting Like a Businessman”

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz has taken issue with the UFC’s compensation model in the past, and as he negotiates for a second bout with Conor McGregor, he’s taking aim at his fellow fighters as well…

The Stockton star recently appeared on a special edition of “The MMA Hour”, and of course, Diaz was asked about the status of an expected rematch with McGregor. Diaz downplayed recent reports that his meeting last week with the UFC’s Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta blew up, but he also relayed he wants more money to face McGregor again.

It’s certainly not the first time Diaz has talked about how much he gets paid, as the rugged vet has argued publicly with the UFC in the past over his contract. During the show, however, Diaz also set his sights on other fighters, regarding the compensation debate (quote via MMA

“Treat yourself like a business and quit f*cking (saying) ‘I’ll fight for free,’” Diaz said. “That don’t help nobody. That’s bad karma for you for even f*cking (saying that). Stupid ass Cowboy Cerrone says that sh*t. That’s bad karma for everybody. You’ll fight for free, now everybody else has got to? Why wouldn’t they pay us? Because they got dumbsh*ts like you fighting for free. Start acting like a businessman and start treating yourself like a business and get your ass paid for being in an Octagon. The whole world watches you fight.

“….Baseball players. These guys are getting paid millions of dollars, and we’re entertaining the entertainers. So doesn’t that make us the crème de la crème? Shouldn’t we be paid the f*ck out? Why are you fighting for free, you dumbsh*t motherf*cker. That sh*t gets on my last nerve.”

Now, we all know that Cerrone doesn’t actually fight for free. In fact, on the UFC scale, he likely gets paid pretty well. But Diaz doesn’t raise an interesting point. If fighters are quick to answer the UFC’s call, and don’t negotiate for more cash, will fighter pay go up? Or remain stagnant?

So, all this ties in to the current status of Diaz – McGregor II. While the fight isn’t signed yet, Diaz did say in the aforementioned interview that he believes talks are progressing.

Diaz battled McGregor in a welterweight contest this past March, and won the fight via second round, submission.


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