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UFC 199: Dominick Cruz Fires Away at Urijah Faber’s Game, Says Latter Was “Scared” to Fight TJ Dillashaw

Dominick Cruz

Since Urijah Faber was decisioned by Dominick Cruz in 2011 he’s recorded several memorable victories and remained a top tier competitor, but the UFC’s bantamweight champ isn’t impressed with his rival’s skills.

Cruz and Faber are booked to fight at UFC 199 next Saturday on June 4th, which will mark the third time they’ve done so. Way back in 2007, Faber submitted Cruz when they were both in the WEC. That is the only time the latter has lost, and Cruz went on to avenge the defeat via decision in 2011. Most recently, Cruz outscored TJ Dillashaw, Faber’s old buddy and teammate, to reclaim the 135 title.

Well, recently the UFC held a media call in advance of next Saturday’s card, and Cruz took aim at the skillset of Faber (quote via MMA

“You don’t throw combinations, you don’t mix things up, you throw one punch at time, you’re one kick at a time, you go for a guillotine, you’re an overhand right, you’re straight with the left hook – I could go all day breaking your fights down, I’ve been doing it for years,” Cruz said. “I was retired basically when you said you were competing against the best. I came back and faced the guy you ran from up a weight class. You were scared of T.J. Dillashaw.”

There’s no question that Cruz is one of the best at analyzing and breaking down fighters, after all, he is one of the most talented competitors in the game. But, there’s no denying that Faber has remained at the top for a long time, so, clearly he’s doing something right. The question is, however, has he evolved enough to hand Cruz another defeat? As it stands right now, most people are saying no.

As far as facing Dillashaw, if Faber does pull off the upset at UFC 199, and Dillashaw gets by Raphael Assuncao at UFC 200, that fight will almost certainly happen.


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