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Carolina Fight Promotions War on the Shore Results and Recap

Carolina Fight Promotions returned to Wilmington, North Carolina on Saturday with another action packed event, packing approximately 2,500 people into the sold out Schwartz Center. The event was headlined by a 175-pound match up between professional debutants Will Estes and Allan Greenway, which saw Estes force a corner stoppage after the first round.

Estes got a takedown early. Greenway tried to escape by standing up, but Estes locked onto his head and attempted a neckcrank. Greenway escaped the hold and the two fighters scrambled for position. Greenway managed to get Estes’ back and worked towards a rear naked choke. Estes escaped to half guard, butt gave up his back again. Greenway used the position to try to secure a rear naked choke again, but Estes again escaped. The two fighters made their way to their feet and exchanged strikes in the clinch with elbows coming over the top from Greenway and uppercuts coming from Estes. Estes then secured a takedown and landed strikes from the top. Greenway worked submission attempts from the bottom as Estes defended. Greenway then escaped to standing and they clinched again with Greenway pinning Estes to the cage. Estes grabbed a Thai Plumb, though and threw a massive knee to the head of Greenway. The blow opened up gash over Greenways eye that forces him to retreat. As he backed across the cage, Greenway looked at the referee and shook his head no, signaling that he wanted out. The referee, however, let the fight continue and Greenway ate some punches on the ground as round ended. After the horn, Greenway rolled to his back and laid on the before his cornermen dragged him to the corner and put him on his stool. The referee then came over to check on him and his corner called the fight.

In the co-main event, undefeated Clifton Bishop won the “mean face contest” over his opponent Josh Lenning. When the bout commenced, the two fighters started tentatively. Bishop caught a kick from Lenning and used it to get a takedown. Lenning then gave up his back, before standing out from that position. Bishop still had Lenning’s back, with his arms clinched around his waist. Bishop attempted several times to take Lenning back to the ground from the position, but was thwarted every time. Lenning then landed several backwards elbows to Bishop’s head before going for a kimura. Bishop released the clinch to escape the kimura attempt and the two fighters exchanged on their feet with Lenning getting the better of it. Lenning then got a takedown of his own. Bishop attempted guillotine when he was taken down, but Lenning escaped. Bishop then gave up his back to Lenning, who dealt several knees to the body and punches to head and body of his kneeling opponent for the final minute or two of the round.

Lenning started the second round with spinning back fist that was blocked before catching a kick from Bishop, which he countered with a punch to the head. Bishop then attempted a takedown, which he eventually secured with an ankle pick. Lenning escaped to standing, and as Bishop shot in for another takedown secured a Thai Plum. From that position he landed a stiff knee before Bishop worked his way out. As they broke Lenning landed a right, before Bishop ran away to reset. Lenning then stuffed another takedown attempt from Bishop and landed another knee to his head. They clinched against the fence with Lenning pinning Bishop to the cage. Lenning then landed several punches and knees to the body of his opponent. At his first chance Bishop broke the clinch and ran away again with Lenning chasing and landing strikes. Bishop then clinched and held Lenning against cage, but did little more than stall. Lenning finally got some separation and landed a big right hand that dropped Bishop and forced a referee stoppage.

Kicking off the professional portion of the fight card was a middleweight matchup between John Bryant and Phillip Estes Bryant drove Estes to the cage with a series of strikes then secured a takedown. Estes then worked for several submissions from the bottom as Bryant landed strikes from top. As the round progressed, Bryant escaped multiple armbar attempts as well as a triangle attempt before standing up. Once on the feet Bryant took Estes down again, hoping to improve his position. Estes then attempted to secure an inverted triangle from bottom but Bryant slipped out and back into his guard. Bryant closed out the round landing strikes from the top position. After the round ended, Estes made his way to his corner, but then just laid on his back complaining about pain on the right side of his body. His corner helped him onto his stool, but he bent over and pain and laid back down on the canvas, clutching the lower side of his right rib cage prompting the ring doctor to check him out, and eventually call off the fight.

In the final amateur fight of the evening, Chris Cain defeated James Ronsick in the first round of a featherweight (145 pounds) match up. Cain started the round by scooping Ronsick and dropping him on his head. Cain landed several punches from mount while working his legs towards a gogoplata attempt. Once positioned Cain rolled to his back and squeezed Ronsick’s neck between his forearm and shin. Ronsick managed escape but Cain transitioned straight into an armbar attempt. As Ronsick worked his way out from the armbar, Cain worked to mount in the scramble. From the mounted position, Cain rained down punches forcing the referee to stop fight. After the victory, the amateur Cain called out the CFP 145 pound champion Brandon Garner, hoping to secure a title fight for his pro-debut in May.

In the eighth amateur contest, Steve Chinners defeated James Jones Jr. by putting him to sleep with and arm triangle just 42 seconds into round 1 of their 160 pound meeting. Chinners got a takedown on Jones at the start and worked to mount. He then secured an arm triangle, moved to side control and pus Jones to sleep. The referee was late with the stoppage as Jones was limp 2-3 seconds before he stepped in and halted the bout.

Mike Marshall secured a rear naked choke on Donald Dare Jr. ending his night less than two minutes into the first round of their middleweight (185 pounds) contest. Marshall got an early takedown. Then Dare attempted a guillotine from his back, but didn’t have it so he let go. Marshall then worked to mount and after a few strikes from top Dare gave up his back. Marshall then secured a rear naked choke and forced Dare to tap.

In the sixth fight of the evening, which earned “fight of the night,” honors, Jeff Hunt moved up in weight to face Corey Crumpler at light heavyweight and earned a TKO in the third round. After getting a takedown and working from the top, Crumpler gassed half way through first round. He still got a few takedowns to the rest of the round, but Hunt got the better of stand up. Following a takedown by Crumpler, Hunt finished the round going for a kimura attempt. Hunt boke Crumpler’s nose at the beginning of second round. With blood pouring out of his nose Crumpler still got a takedown. Hunt stands to escaped and landed more strikes. Hunt then took Crumpler down, but was quickly reversed and Crumper landed several strikes from the top. Next Hunt reversed a nearly spent Crumpler. Crumpler managed to espcape only to kneel on canvas before grabbing Hunt’s ankle to finish round. Both fighters were gassed at the start of the third round. Hunt used his long jab to keep distance between he and Crumpler. Hunt then landed a solid right which put Crumpler out on his feet. The referee stopped the fight and Crumpler collapsed to the canvas in exhaustion.

The tone of the event was set by the opening bout, which saw Steven Thigpen escape an early guillotine from from Solomon Harvey, before he secured an arm triangle he used to put Harvey to sleep before the two minute mark. Also of note, Hunt was one of only two fighters to win coming out of the red corner, the whole evening and Wilmington based Evolution MMA went 4-0 on the evening while Gladiator MMA (also in Wilmington) went 0-3.

The quick results for Carolina Fight Promotions’ War on the Shore were:


  • Will Estes def. Allan Greenway via TKO (corner stoppage) – 5:00 Round 1
  • Josh Lenning def. Clifton Bishop via TKO – 4:06 Round 2 (265)
  • John Bryant def. Phillip Estes via TKO (doctor stoppage) – 5:00 Round


  • Chris Cain def. James Ronsick via TKO (strikes) – 2:47 Round 1(145)
  • Steve Chinners def. James Jones Jr. via submission (arm triangle) – :42 Round 1 (160)
  • Mike Marshall def. Donald Dare Jr. via submission (rear naked choke) – 1:53 Round 2 (185)
  • Jeff Hunt def. Cory Crumpler TKO – :37 Round 3 (205)
  • Kyle Whittington def. Clint Devoe via submission (rear naked choke) – :57 Round 1 (150)
  • Bouathong Keolatvahn def. Jamal Harris via unanimous decision (135)
  • Derek Brunson def. Shawn Tavares via TKO – 2:15 Round 1 (185)
  • Victor Gomes def. Tom Jones via KO – 1:40 Round 1 (175)
  • Steven Thigpen def. Solomon Harvey via submission (arm triangle) – 1:57 Round 1 (put him to sleep) (155)

Pictured: Chris Cain vs. James Ronsick


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