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So Conor McGregor’s Coach Would be “Surprised” if Fighter Didn’t Face Floyd Mayweather…

Kelsey Mowatt

Conor McGregor

Now that Conor McGregor is reportedly on good terms again with the UFC, and is booked to rematch Nate Diaz, August 20th, all the talk about him boxing Floyd Mayweather is done right? Guess again…

Yes, since Diaz – McGregor II was booked, the consensus has been that talk regarding a fight with Mayweather was largely fuelled by the the latter’s camp. After all, Mayweather went so far to say that the only fight that interests him right now is one with McGregor. Since McGregor is under contract with the UFC, and now that all the UFC 200 drama appears to be over, that’s that right?

Well, not necessarily? Recently McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh talked to┬áJonathan Shrager of the Underground. The Irish coach sounds pretty certain a bout with Mayweather will happen at some point (quote via MMA

“…I think that contest will happen eventually but it’s on hold for now. I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t at some stage. I think it’s a bigger fight; I think there’s a lot of intrigue about it. I could be 100% wrong. Right now we’re focusing on August 20th. We have an important rematch – a mixed martial arts fight – but if in time that fight was to be announced it would not surprise me and I think it would be an interesting one.”

How about that? Now first things first, and that’s Diaz, who McGregor came up short against at UFC 196 in March. If he loses to Diaz again, chances are there would be more interest in having the latter box Mayweather next. Even if McGregor wins, it’s still hard to imagine a deal materializing where he boxes the decorated fighter. But hey, CM Punk is going to fight in the UFC and he’s never competed in a MMA bout.


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