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UFC 200: Chuck Liddell Claims Brock Lesnar is “Afraid to Get Hit”

Kelsey Mowatt

Brock Lesnar

Recently Frank Mir opined that his old foe Brock Lesnar really doesn’t care to get hit, and Chuck Liddell apparently agrees with the former heavyweight champ.

Now sure, no one really likes to get hit, particularly by a professional fighter, but recently Mir argued that Lesnar shows more of a “dramatic response” when he’s taking shots.  Well, recently Liddell spoke to Hollywood, and “The Iceman” had this to say about Lesnar:

“He was a good college wrestler, but he is afraid to get hit,” Liddell said. “That makes things dangerous — when you have a guy that can punch, and if he can stop Brock’s takedowns a little bit, then [Brock] is in a lot of trouble. I mean, he is tough and has heart because he will still fight and still keep coming and I will give him that. He has heart and he fights hard, but he is very afraid of the punch. So you just have to start punching him!”

Obviously Lesnar boosters would disagree, while others might argue that if this is the case, it’s because the pro-wrestling star doesn’t have as much striking experience many established fighters. But hey, Lesnar did become the UFC’s heavyweight champ in just his fourth professional, MMA bout…That’s insane when you think about it.

Lesnar, as you know, is scheduled to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200, and even fighters with thousands of sparring hours under their belt, don’t want to get hit by that guy (same could be said for Liddell back in the day). Can Hunt land the big bomb? Or will Lesnar get the TD and pound out the feared slugger?

UFC 200 will go down at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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