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The Ultimate Fighter 6: Joe Scarola Stands by His Decision to Leave The House

On today’s TAAG Radio show, Joe Scarola told Frank Trigg that he has no regrets about leaving the Ultimate Fighter 6. He is, however, unhappy with the fact that he let down Dana White, but even more so, Matt Serra. Scarola claims that the producers and cameramen of the show skillfully portrayed him to be much worse than he really is. He was facing a lot of personal issues at the time, but the show chose to only reveal certain aspects such as him desperately missing his girlfriend. Even Mac Danzig (the guy who defeated Scarola in episode 1) called into the show and defended Scarola. Danzig verifies that the cameramen were all over Joe from the moment it was announced that he wanted to leave the show.

Last Thursday, Matt Sera posted on his TUF blog that Joe Scarola was evaluated by sports psychiatrist Dr. Sherry Wulcan prior to going on the show. In the professional opinion of Dr. Wulcan, she did not feel that Scarola was capable of living in the secluded house for six week. Contrastingly, on today’s TAAG Radio show, Scarola claims that he was never evaluated by any sports psychiatrist.

For inquiring minds, Scarola is currently working as an MMA instructor at another gym. He’s also still together with the same girlfriend. He and Serra have not spoken since he left the show.


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