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Chris Weidman Will be Waiting at MSG For “Whoever”, Since Michael Bisping “Doesn’t Want It”

Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman really wants to fight at the UFC’s first card ever in New York City, so much so, the former middleweight champ will be waiting for “whoever” at MSG.

The New York fighter has yet to fight since he lost the title to Luke Rockhold last December, when the latter took him out at UFC 194. Weidman was booked to rematch Rockhold at UFC 199 earlier this month, but had to drop out due to a neck injury. As you know, Mr. Michael Bisping stepped in, rocked Rockhold with a left, and yadda, yadda, yadda, he’s the champ.

Well, since Bisping won the belt, he’s argued that neither Weidman or Rockhold deserve a title shot, and that they should fight each other, as was scheduled. In addition, the new champ’s expressed an interest in fighting the legendary Dan Henderson, or even, former welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre. Thus, this is likely why, Weidman recently said this (quote via MMA

“I’ll be at Madison Square Garden waiting for whoever wants it,” Weidman said. “Bisping doesn’t want it. You know, it was my title shot and he had the opportunity because of me. Now he’s trying to fight the thirteenth ranked guy in the division. It’s good for him. Good for him, man. Fight anybody you want. He’s trying to get a ‘W’ under his belt. Hey, if he can make it happen, good for him. I’m not going to cry about it, honestly.”

Now, one would think that Weidman is a lock for the November 12th, NYC card, since he’s from the state. The big question is, however, who will the UFC tap to fight him?

Since Rockhold doesn’t have the title, does a rematch between the two really make sense? If Bisping doesn’t face “Jacare” Souza next, then perhaps the latter will be next for Weidman?


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