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UFC 200: Jon Jones Says Daniel Cormier Lacks Power, Claims “At no Point” in First Bout Was he Hurt

Jon jones

Daniel Cormier has argued that Jon Jones has no punching power, but recently the former light-heavyweight champ pulled a ‘right back at ya’.

Leading up UFC 200, which will be headlined by a bout between the rivals, Cormier has said he was unaffected by any punches Jones landed in their first fight. That scrap took place in January, 2015, and Jones won it via unanimous decision.

Now, in the past, Jones has also acknowledged that he’s not a heavy hitter. But, Jones does have a very diverse and dynamic attack, which is one reason why he’s the greatest 205’er of all times.

But, recently Jones appeared on “UFC Unfiltered“, and “Bones” took aim at the punching power of Cormier. Here is some of what he had to say (quote via MMA

“In my fight with Daniel Cormier, he always talks about how I was working his body and I kicked him in the ribs and I kneed him in the ribs, and these body shots that really sent a shockwave going through his body,” Jones said. “But at no point in the fight did one of his punches do anything to me, or kicks. At no point in the fight did he get me to bleed. At no point in the fight did he get me to lose my breath or to look up at the clock out of frustration. At no point did he wobble me with a punch. I mean, Daniel Cormier caught me with like 60 uppercuts in that fight, and I’m exaggerating. Not one of those uppercuts did anything to me.”

Of course, “DC” fans will cite his KO win over “Bigfoot” Silva. But in the aforementioned interview, Jones stated “I’m not trying to offend ‘Bigfoot’ Silva but, I mean, he’s not known to have the strongest chin in the game.” That fight, it’s worth noting, also took place at heavyweight. Cormier did take out light-heavyweight Patrick Cummins, however, in the opening round at UFC 170

It’s going to be interesting to see what goes down on July 9th. No question. Can Cormier pull off the upset?


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