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UFC 200: Frankie Edgar Questions Whether Jose Aldo Can Hang When Fight Goes “Deep”

Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar believes he got the better of Jose Aldo in the later rounds of their 2013 scrap, and as a result, the featherweight contender’s questions whether the former champ will be able to hang with him, if their rematch goes deep.

Edgar and Aldo will battle for the interim featherweight title this Saturday at UFC 200, which will go down in Las Vegas, Nevada. When the stars battled before at UFC 156, Aldo won the memorable bout via unanimous decision. Since then, Edgar has argued that he in fact, got the better of Aldo. The latter, however, has stated he won the bout clearly, even though he was dealing with an arm injury.

Well, recently Edgar spoke to, and he was asked what he learned from Aldo, during their first encounter. Here is what the former lightweight champ had to say:

“I don’t think he’s willing to go in there and go for the kill sometimes. I felt like in that fight when we went head to head, I got the best of him,” he said. “Especially when things got deep in three, four and five, that’s when I started pouring it on him. And when things get deep, that’s when I swim the best. I don’t know if I can say that for Aldo.”

Others have questioned Aldo’s cardio in the past, and others have also argued that the fighter may have played it safe, in bouts where he was ahead. But, it’s important to remember that this is a guy who didn’t lose a fight for ten years, so obviously he was doing something right.

Edgar’s comments are also interesting to hear, as recently Aldo has said he plans to be more aggressive, and return to his WEC form. Guess we’ll see how things play out soon enough. The way Edgar has looked in his last few fights, Aldo will need to be at his best.


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