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UFC FN 90: Eddie Alvarez Credits Coach For Title Win, Wants “Easier Fight” With Conor McGregor

eddie alvarez

Eddie Alvarez is the UFC Lightweight Champion now, and following his electrifying win, he credited his new coach Mark Henry for the victory.

If you elected to skip UFC Fight Night 90 last night, then you didn’t see Alvarez crack Rafael dos Anjos with a massive right hand, and finish the vaunted fighter with a steady stream of strikes. Lots of people knew that Alvarez was going to be a stiff test for RDA, but the latter was a sizeable favorite heading into the bout.

If you follow Alvarez, then you know he elected to return to Philadelphia from Boca Raton, and has been training with Henry. The striking coach is also the man who has helped build Frankie Edgar’s stand-up game into the scary machine that it is.

Well, after Alvarez’s championship win, the former Bellator champ was quick to heap praise on Henry (quote via MMA

“Mark Henry is the brains behind our whole operation,” Alvarez said. “I owe it all to Mark Henry. He’s gotten…I’ve improved so much since I’ve been back home in Philadelphia. They’ve got my body working in ways, my defense has gotten cleaner, just doing things differently. I can’t take much credit, other than just trying to get prepared for the fight. I owe everything to my coaches and my teammates.”

Yup. Henry is and has been doing some impressive things. No question. Of course, Alvarez was also asked about his future, in terms of his next opponent. The rugged fighter noted that he’s been fighting the best of the best lately (Gilbert Melendez, Anthony Pettis, RDA) and then said he wants an “easier fight”, like one with Conor McGregor…

Of course, McGregor is booked to fight Nate Diaz on August 20th, but if the featherweight champ wins that bout, perhaps a scrap with Alvarez will materialize in the future.


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