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UFC 200: Brian Stann Outlines How Mark Hunt Failed to Adjust Against Brock Lesnar

Mark Hunt

As UFC 200 approached, the consensus was that Mark Hunt was going to spoil the Octagon return of Brock Lesnar, so what went wrong?

Well, for one, Lesnar showed the combat sports world that despite the fact he hadn’t fought since 2011, he is still a ridiculously athletic and explosive wrestler. Since Hunt has improved his takedown defense immensely in recent years, many questioned whether Lesnar would be able to take him down, or keep him there. The pro-wrestling star answered those questions with a resounding yes in rounds one and three.

But, when the bout was on its feet, Hunt was unable to tag Lesnar with any of his patented, one-and-done shots. During the post-fight broadcast on FOX Sports 1, Brian Stann offered this take on why that was (quote via FOX Sports press release):

“There were opportunities for Mark Hunt to land that shot. He was throwing the overhand right, which is easy to read. He should have adjusted and done uppercuts where the wrestler runs right into it. I expected to see some adjustments by Mark, throwing uppercuts or punch the chest. He only wanted to go over the top and it cost him.”

Now sure, Hunt may have been surprised by how fast Lesnar was able to move, which could explain why he hesitated during the bout, and didn’t change things up. Hunt has certainly showcased that he has a vicious, right uppercut as well, though. So, chances are he’ll regret not looking to land it more.

The waiting game now begins, in terms of whether Lesnar will return to the UFC. Following his decision win, it seemed pretty clear that Lesnar is thinking about, depending on what goes down with the WWE.

The former heavyweight champ initially retired from MMA back in 2011, when he was stopped by Alistair Overem.


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