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Jon Jones’ Manager Says “Bones” is “Highest Paid” Fighter in UFC, “by Far”

Jon jones

Conor McGregor likes to talk about how much cash he’s generating, and Brock Lesnar just received a massive payday, but Jon Jones‘ manager says “Bones” is the highest paid fighter in the UFC…

Jones’ manager is Malki Kawa, who on Monday, appeared on the “MMA Hour” to discuss the fighter’s recent withdrawal from UFC 200. Just a couple of days before Jones was booked to scrap his rival Daniel Cormier, he was axed from the card, due to a potential anti-doping violation.

During the interview, Kawa repeated what Jones claimed last week: that the interim light-heavyweight champ didn’t intentionally take a banned substance. The manager also discussed Jones’ bitter disappointment about what’s unfolded, and also referred to the massive payday the fighter lost out on (quote via MMA

 “You’re talking about an eight-figure payday,” Kawa said. “Eight figures. Conor (McGregor) can talk about whatever he gets and all of that, Jon is by far the highest paid guy in the UFC, and the numbers that were shown that day for everybody from Brock (Lesnar) and the way down, Jon was making more than all of that. So for me, we lost out on an eight-figure payday, including myself. I wasn’t going to make eight figures, but I was going to get a percentage of that. The team was going to get a percentage of that. If you think that by any chance I’m going to sit here and be like, ‘hey man, take this supplement,’ then I’m just as stupid as the people who think that I’m an enabler.”

There you have it. Now, everyone understood that Jones was well compensated, and likely one of the highest paid fighters in MMA. But to hear this is kind of surprising. Although, since we don’t know what a fighter collects in terms of sponsorships, PPV dividends, etc, anything is possible.

All this aside, it’s going to be very interesting to see what unfolds with Jones and his appeal process over the coming weeks. If he’s unable to launch a successful appeal, MMA could be without one of the greatest fighters to ever lace on the gloves for two years…


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