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UFC’s Daniel Cormier Discusses Timeline For Hanging up The Gloves

Daniel Cormier

If Jon Jones is unable to launch a successful appeal, Daniel Cormier could be 39 before his rival is ready to fight again, but it sounds like the 205 champ plans to still be competing.

The light-heavyweights were supposed to fight at UFC 200 last weekend, but Jones was yanked from the card due to a potential anti-doping violation. The star has said he didn’t knowingly take performance enhancing drugs, but if his team is unable to prove this, it could be 2018 before he fights again.

Well, recently Cormier appeared on “The MMA Hour” to discuss his recent win over Anderson Silva, as well as the Jones’ situation. When asked about his future, and how long he plans to continue fighting, the 37 year-old stated this (quote via MMA

“I don’t really have a number but I will say this, I’ve been good with my money. I’ve got some security in that sense. I’m good for the future. There really is no reason for me to be fighting past 40. I don’t need to be fighting at 40 years old. I should be spending time with my family and my children and just doing TV stuff. It’s what I want to do. So I don’t have an absolute time frame but if everything goes according to plan, there’s no reason that I should be fighting at 40 years old. I think my athletic career will be okay at that point. I will be satisfied with everything I’ve done.”

Since Cormier didn’t turn pro until 2009, he likely hasn’t incurred the same amount of damage that many other veteran fighters have in their late 30’s. So, one would think “DC” could continue to fight into his 40’s if he wished. At 37, he certainly doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

But, as Cormier noted, he’s done pretty well for himself and has a nice broadcasting gig too (which he’s good at). So, maybe hanging them up in a couple more years makes sense?

In the meantime, all signs point to Cormier fighting the winner of Anthony Johnson – Glover Teixeira, which will go down on August 20th.



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