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Outraged Mark Hunt Wants Brock Lesnar’s Pay or UFC Release

Mark Hunt

As the MMA world buzzes and debates over the news that Brock Lesnar has been flagged by USADA, Mark Hunt has made it clear he’s extremely unhappy about the development. So much so, he’s told the UFC he wants Lesnar’s purse from UFC 200, or his release….

Late on Friday, it was announced that Lesnar has been informed of a potential, anti-doping violation, which reportedly stemmed from a test he took prior to UFC 200. At the July 9th event, Lesnar wrestled his way to a unanimous decision win over Hunt. The substance Lesnar has allegedly tested positive for hasn’t been disclosed.

Well, in a follow up post on his own website, Hunt relayed that he’s ““told Dana I want half of Brock’s purse.” In addition:

“This is the third time I’ve had to fight a cheater in my career. The other two times I didn’t ask for compensation, but this is the third time and I’m sick of them getting away with cheating.”

“I’ve told Dana that I want a release from the UFC if they don’t sort this out.”

How about that? Since then, however, Hunt tweeted out a new stance he’s taken:

It will be interesting to see what comes of this. First off, everyone should be reminded that Lesnar has the right to a appeal. So, chances are the UFC won’t be sending Hunt any “compensation”, until Lesnar’s camp makes a decision on the appeal front.

The former heavyweight champ earned $2.5 million for the July 9th bout, and that doesn’t include any extra cash he made via PP V buys. The bout was Lesnar’s first since 2011.


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