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The Ultimate Fighter 6: Episode 4 Recap

Caution: This post contains spoilers from the fourth episode of The Ultimate Fighter 6: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra

Gather around boys and girls, it’s that time of the week again for your TUF Season 6, episode recap. Episode 4 proceeds with Matt Hughes reacting to Billy Miles’ upset loss to John Kolosci last week and he’s real pissed. Hughes reminds his team that he takes the competition real seriously; his reputation is on the line and he is now losing 2-1. In Hughes’ opinion, Miles lost a match he was clearly supposed to win, and to teach his team a lesson he punishes them with a grueling training session. Everyone is warned to go all out and anything less would be answered with a one on one session with an angry Matt Hughes.

This week it is Team Serra’s turn to call the next bout, and Team Hughes is certain that Serra will go for the weakest link. Lo and behold, Team Hughes’ prediction was correct as Team Serra chooses Team Hughes’ weakest fighter in Blake Bowman, but wait there’s a twist. Instead of matching up Serra’s toughest fighter against Hughes’ weakest man, Serra has decided to let his weakest guy, Richie Hightower, go head to head with Bowman. Serra’s reasoning behind his move is that he wants Hightower to go on to the next round and he’s confident that Hightower can finish Bowman.

The spotlight is now turned on the main combatants in this week’s tilt. Bowman is portrayed as being a clown and everyone in the household, including Hightower, seems to enjoy his company. With a professional record of 0-0-0, Bowman is real inexperienced and the entire household is not sure what he is doing on the show. Hightower, on the other hand, has a record of 7-1-0. Other than that there’s not much to say about him except that he used to be a mortgage consultant and that Mac Danzig is not a fan of his personal style. As Danzig explains, “Anyone who wears his hat like that (with the bill bent straight up) needs to get f#$%ed up.”

Team Hughes member, Dorian Price continues his crazy ways this week and it almost lands him a trip to the chopping block. Price catches some dizzy spells during training and it affects him to the point where he can’t continue to train. Price is upset because he doesn’t want to go home. To add to his frustrations, the cameras continue to roll catching his every single move. Eventually, Dorian snaps and rushes to a cameraman filming him 50 feet away. His teammates hold him back, but the damage is done, Dorian is certain that he’s going home. Dana White is forced to drop by the training facilities in response to Dorian’s unwarranted actions. White has a one-on-one with Dorian and he explains to him that threatening the filming crew is against the rules. As White elucidates to Price, this is after all reality TV. A remorseful Dorian agrees. To Price’s delight, White gives him a second chance, but he warns Dorian that one more slipup and he’s gone. A grateful Price expresses his joy and appreciation for Dana allowing him to have a second chance. The one-on-one meeting with White miraculously changed Dorian’s entire outlook as the following day we seen him training with loads of enthusiasm.

Fight day arrives and going into the bout Bowman has a slight rib injury which he sustained during training. However, Bowman marches forwards because he doesn’t want to let his team down. The bell rings and the two fighters meet in the centre of the octagon exchanging punches and kicks. Bowman manages to catch Hightower with a kick to the midsection only to have Hightower rush in on him. The fighters clinch and Bowman manages to land a knee to Richie’s head. Bad move, as this surges Hightower who returns the favor with a right hand that sends Bowman to the canvas. Hightower jumps on the opportunity and lets his hands go on the fallen Bowman which forces the referee to call the match. Referee John McCarty announces Richie Hightower as the winner much to the displeasure of a fumed looking Mac Danzig. After the fight, Bowman explains that a buckled knee sent him to the floor rather than Hightower’s right. Nevertheless, Team Serra now improves to 3-1.

A crestfallen fallen Blake Bowman apologizes to Matt Hughes and his team for his poor performance. In an attempt to boost his team’s confidence, Hughes explains to them that they have the remaining 4 picks so in his opinion they’ve got nothing to worry about.

Here’s a look at the teams after the fourth episode:

Team Serra

  • Matt Arroyo (1-0)
  • John Kolosci (1-0)
  • Richie Hightower (1-0)
  • George Sotiropoulos
  • Ben Saunders
  • Jon Koppenhaver
  • Troy Mandaloniz
  • Joe Scarola (Eliminated by Mac Danzig – Week 1)
  • Roman Mitichyan (Injured – Week 1)

Team Hughes

  • Mac Danzig (1-0)
  • Dan Barrera
  • Tommy Speer
  • Jared Rollins
  • Paul Georgieff
  • Blake Bowman (Eliminated by Richie Hightower – Week 4)
  • Dorian Price (Eliminated by Matt Arroyo – Week 2)
  • Billy Miles (Eliminated John Kolosci – Week 3)

Here’s a brief look at next week’s episode:

  • Mac Danzig shows his disgust in Blake Bowman, questioning what the hell the guy is doing on the show to begin with
  • Team Serra turns on Mac Danzig
  • Paul Georgieff gets tragic news from back home

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