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Jose Aldo Claims he Had “Spies” Watching Frankie Edgar Train Prior to UFC 200

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Plenty of folks wondered why Jose Aldo didn’t put his vaunted kicking game into action against Frankie Edgar at UFC 200, and now the interim 145 champ has answered why: spies…

Aldo worked his way to a unanimous decision win over Edgar on July 9th, and did so, showcasing his ridiculous takedown defense and boxing pedigree. Aldo’s vicious leg kicks, however, were hardly seen.

Well, recently the decorated fighter spoke to the media at the renowned Nova Uniao gym in Brazil. While discussing the fight, and why he didn’t throw many kicks, Aldo stated this (quote via MMA

“If I kicked, he’d take me down,” Aldo said. “We had a few spies from the other side, people that were training close to him the entire week, and they always came and talked to us. So I had to stop kicking and [using] my left hand, because he would counter on that.”

Apparently Aldo was asked if he was serious, to which he responded: “Of course I had [spies]. Otherwise, why wouldn’t I kick?” The star also went to claim that we “always” have a spy…

Now is Aldo really telling the truth? Maybe. Maybe not. It was interesting to see him not throw kicks against Edgar. But, Aldo’s team likely knew Frankie was likely planning to counter kicks with takedown attempts, and that they figured the champ would do just fine with his boxing. That theory was validated no?

Aldo didn’t score a highlight reel stoppage, and played it somewhat safe in the latter rounds, but it was a very impressive performance nonetheless. Edgar was on a roll and then some going in.


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