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Chad Mendes Says Skin Cream he Uses Contained Banned Substance

Chad Mendes

Chad Mendes is suspended until 2018, after failing an out-of-competition drug test, and the featherweight contender says a skin cream is the reason.

Recently it was confirmed that Mendes has been suspended for two years, after he tested positive for GHRP-6. Prior to that announcement, Mendes relayed that he “didn’t do my homework” and that he was going to “pay”.

Well, the Team Alpha Male fighter recently appeared on the Sacramento based show “The Drive“. According to a follow up report from MMA, Mendes said a skin cream he uses to treat plaque psoriasis is what contained the banned substance.

“I’ve always just accepted it and put it on, not thinking about anything,” Mendes said. “This is one of the cases that it had something in it that was on the USADA quote-unquote banned list. My situation was just kind of bad luck, I feel. Ultimately, I broke the rules. Did I use it? Of course. I didn’t try going to USADA and making some BS story and tried to lie my way out of it.”

“One thing i want to clear up to a lot of people calling me ‘roid head or juice head: This isn’t even a steroid,” Mendes added. “It’s a peptide.”

There you have it. Now, is this revelation going to silence all of Mendes’ critics out there? Chances are no. After all, most failed drug tests are followed by a fighter claiming that they didn’t knowingly take PEDs.

Mendes went on to say that the failed test is “embarrassing” and that he understands he can’t expect special treatment.

The powerful fighter will be 33 year’s old before he’s eligible to fight again. In Mendes’ last outing, back in December, he was stopped by Frankie Edgar.


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