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UFC 202: Watch Nate Diaz Submit Conor McGregor in Their First, Memorable Scrap

Nate Diaz

Now that UFC Fight Night 92 is over, the MMA world will focus on UFC 202, which will feature the highly anticipated rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

If you only started following MMA in recent weeks, then you might not be up-to-speed on why the rematch is such a big deal. After all, Diaz submitted McGregor in the their first bout this past March right? So, why is there so much buzz for the rematch?

Well, before the two met at UFC 196, McGregor had won seven straight fights in the UFC, and some believed the featherweight champ was en route to claiming a second division’s title. If he had defeated Diaz on March 5th, there was talk he’d advance to challenge for the welterweight belt. Well, that didn’t happen, as you can see by watching the vid below.

So, the August 20th rematch is a huge fight for both men, particularly McGregor.


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