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UFC FN 92: Main Card Play-by-Play & Results

Yair Rodriguez

The prelims are finished in Salt Lake City, so let’s move to the main card for UFC Fight Night 92. In tonight’s main event, rising featherweight Yair Rodriguez will throw down with Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres.

 Maryna Moroz  vs. Danielle Taylor

Round 1: Both women are staying light on their feet. Moroz flicks a couple of nice jabs. Taylor is countered with a jab. Moroz continues to stay busy with the jab. Taylor wings a big right that misses. Moroz continues to move forward and is leading with the jab. Taylor lands a leg kick but takes a counter punch. Taylor fires in a right. Round ends.

Round 2: Taylor wings a big a right that misses. Moroz continues to offer more offense but not much is landing. Some boos ring out. Wow. Taylor comes in and tags Moroz with a huge right that wobbles her. Moroz seems okay. Moroz is still moving forward but again, isn’t landing much. Moroz with a counter left. Round ends.

Maryna Moroz def. Danielle Taylor via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Joseph Gigliotti vs. Trevor Smith

Round 1: Gigliotti  fires in a right but eats a left. They clinch up. Smith sweeps Gigliotti  to the floor after they battle for position. Smith with some punches from above. Gigliotti  gets back to his feet. Smith has Gigliotti  pressed against the cage. Fighters are broken up and Smith receives a warning for holding the cage. Gigliotti  fires in some big punches. Action spills to the mat and Smith is looking for a choke. Gigliotti  works his way out and now he’s looking for a choke. Smith lands a knee to the head. Must have been legal? Gigliotti  gets to his feet. Round ends.

Round 2: Smith cracks Gigliotti with a knee and the latter falls to the mat. Smith takes the latter’s back and is looking for a rear-naked-choke. Gigliotti is bleeding out of his nose; a lot. Commentator Brian Stann thinks Gigliotti’s nose may be broken. Smith still has his back. Gigliotti works out but is up against the fence, still on the ground. Gigliotti gets back up but Smith takes him right back down. Smith is controlling from the top. Latter is hunting for a choke but round ends.

Round 3: Smith scores a TD moments in. Gigliotti is eating punches from above. Finally Gigliotti gets back to his feet. He needs to do something fast. Smith has Gigliotti pressed against the cage. They break. Smith sticks a nice jab. Gigliotti plants a hook. Smith with another TD. Smith moves into mount. Elbows and punches from above. Gigliotti can’t work his way out. Final horn goes.

Trevor Smith def. Joseph Gigliotti via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Zak Cummings vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio

Round 1: Cummings fires in a couple of kicks. Cummings with a left hand. Ponzinibbio chucks a big right. Cummings is staying busy with kicks. Nice right from Ponzinibbio. Cummings shoots but Ponzinibbio defends. Left hand from Cummings. Wow. Ponzinibbio fires in a headkick that Cummings eats. Crazy. Ponzinibbio is cut by his left eye. Ponzinibbio takes a kick low. Action is temporarily halted. Cummings threatens with a headkick and then scores a TD. Ponzinibbio pops right back up. Round ends.

Round 2: Cummings with a combo but Ponzinibbio counters nicely. Cummings has some swelling around his left eye. Body kick by Ponzinibbio. Right hand by Ponzinibbio. Latter says he took an eyepoke but ref Herb Dean says fight on. Not much in terms of volume. Now they trade some shots. Nice body kick by Cummings. Round ends.

Round 3: Ponzinibbio fires in a right. Cummings changes levels but can’t get the TD.  Cummings’ left eye is really swollen now. Headkick attempt by Ponzinibbio. Nice right hand by Ponzinibbio. Latter slips. Left hand from Cummings. Ponzinibbio is starting to tag Cummings regularly. Action picks up. Cummings eats another punch. Left hand by Cummings. Wow. Cummings goes for a carthwheel kick that misses. Final horn goes.

Santiago Ponzinibbio def. Zak Cummings via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Chris Camozzi vs. Thales Leites

Round 1: They clinch up not long into the bout. Leites is looking for the trip. Leites moves to the back of Camozzi. Latter can’t shake Leites off. Leites is landing punches from behind. Now Leites is working for a RNC. Leites is running out of time. Round ends.

Round 2: Leites clinches up and gets the TD. Leites is trying to pass, and he does. Leites is trying to set up a D’arce. He gives it up and takes Camozzi’s back. Leites has the bodylock. Some boos start up. Leites starts firing down punches. Round ends.

Round 3: Camozzi comes out firing bombs. Leites changes levels and Camozzi counters with a choke attempt. Leites scores a TD. Leites passes and Camozzi gives up his back.  Leites finally sinks in a choke and that’s it.

Thales Leites def. Chris Camozzi via submission (rear-naked-choke) R3, 2:58

Dennis Bermudez vs. Rony Jason

Round 1: Jason tries for a flying knee. Bermudez with a nice front kick. Body kick by Jason. Bermudez with another front kick. Jason just misses with a huge overhand right. Legkick by Jason. Nice leg kick by Bermudez and he takes Jason down. Bermudez lands a right from above. Jason is looking for an armbar but Bermudez postures out. Jason is looking for a triangle-choke but Bermudez defends. Elbow by Bermudez and another one. Jason is cut badly. Bermudez is tossing down punches. Round ends.

Round 2: Bermudez takes a shot but gets the TD. Jason tries rolling out but can’t. Now Jason gets back to his feet. Bermudez plants a right on the break. Hard leg kick by Bermudez. They trade punches. Hook to the body by Bermudez and he gets another TD. Jason works his way out. Another TD by Bermudez. Jason is back up. Hard body kick by Jason. Bermudez is working for another TD but Jason defends. Right hand by Bermudez and he scores a big slam. Round ends.

Round 3: Jason fires in a flying knee but Bermudez blocks it. Bermudez lands a leg kick but eats a right hand. Bermudez continues to punish Jason’s left leg with kicks. Bermudez shoots from far out and Jason defends. Jason cracks Bermudez with a big left. Another TD attempt by Bermudez is defended. Jason hits a beautiful switch and takes the back of Bermudez. Wow. Jason is looking for a choke but can’t get it. Jason loses position and is on the bottom. More shots from Bermudez. Final horn goes.

Dennis Bermudez def. Rony Jason via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)

Alex Caceres vs. Yair Rodriguez

Round 1: Caceres with a few kicks and then a Superman Punch. Rodriguez with a jumping kick to the body. Wow Rodriguez spins and misses with a kick. Caceres misses with a spinning backfist and gets grazed with a kick. Rodriguez charges in and misses with some big punches. Caceres sticks a left. Nice left by Caceres. Rodriguez grazes Caceres again with a kick. They clinch up and it hits the floor briefly. Great scramble. They exchange kicks. The kicks continue. Wow. What a display. Rodriguez fires a kick and then clinches up. They break. Rodriguez sticks a right. Round ends.

Round 2: Caceres gets clipped with a headkick and then a follow up shot. Rodriguez takes a right. Rodriguez misses with a spinning kick. Backfist from Rodriguez lands. Rodriguez charges in and land some punches. Rodriguez is the aggressor. Big left from Caceres lands. They clinch up. Elbow from Rodriguez. Rodriguez plants a left. Nice left from Caceres. Hard body kick by Rodriguez. Round ends.

Round 3: Rodriguez flurries in with a barrage of punches. Not much lands. Left from Rodriguez lands. Caceres fires in a left. Busy pace continues. Rodriguez misses with a spinning kick. Caceres lands a right. Rodriguez comes back with a sidekick. Nice combo from Caceres. Wow. Another nice flurry by Caceres. They clinch and Rodriguez rolls, looking for a heelhook. Right hands from Caceres. More shots from above by Caceres. Round ends.

Round 4: Rodriguez fires in a body kick. More kicks by Rodriguez. Lead right from Caceres lands. Rodriguez plants a left. Couple rights from Caceres. More leg kicks by Rodriguez. Latter fires in a nice combo. Left by Caceres. Action has slowed somewhat, but considering all the kicks etc, they’re keeping a ridiculous pace. Caceres lands a right. Rodriguez plants a left. Round ends.

Round 5: Rodriguez comes out firing. They clinch up. Rodriguez lands a knee. Headkick by Rodriguez grazes Caceres. Latter scores a TD. Rodriguez rolls out and gets his own takedown. Caceres is back to his feet.  Caceres with a nice combo. Rodriguez charges in with some hard punches. Caceres sticks a jab. They exchange punches. Crowd is cheering loud. More kicks by Rodriguez. Caceres lands a nice right. Wow. They trade shots. Final horn goes. Great fight.


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