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UFC 202: Conor McGregor Argues Shots he Hit Nate Diaz With Would Have Finished RDA…

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor ended up losing at UFC 196, but the Irish star maintains that if he had fought Rafael dos Anjos as scheduled, he’d be a two division champ right now.

McGregor was supposed to challenge RDA for the lightweight title in March, but after the latter went down with a broken foot, Nate Diaz stepped in. The latter won the fight via submission, and yadda, yadda, yadda, McGregor will face Diaz again at UFC 202, August 20th.

Well, since McGregor’s defeat to Diaz, he’s repeatedly argued that the main reason he lost, was because he didn’t anticipate how well the Stockton fighter would take his punches. Early on in the bout, McGregor cracked Diaz with several hard shots, and while he bloodied the vet, he couldn’t put him down.

Recently the UFC held a media call to promote UFC 202, and during it, McGregor said this about RDA (quote via MMA

“Realistically I should be a two-weight UFC world champion,” McGregor said. “If I fought Rafael dos Anjos, if he didn’t pussy out of that last one and showed up, the shots I cracked Nate with in the first eight minutes of that [fight] would’ve KO’d Rafael dos Anjos stiff. That’s no question. I would be sitting here right now as a two-weight world champion…”

Now of course, since RDA has since been stopped by Eddie Alvarez, a lot of people will say McGregor would have been able to take out dos Anjos. But, styles make fights, and both RDA and McGregor are southpaws, so we don’t really know how the fight would have unfolded. There’s no doubt, however, that Diaz has a ridiculously strong chin.

How will Diaz’s chin stand up in his second bout with McGregor? Can the latter make the necessary adjustments and avenge that loss? We shall see soon enough.


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