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UFC 204: Chris Weidman’s “Happy” for Dan Henderson, But Thinks Title Shot is “Kind of Stupid”

Chris Weidman

Some purists and fighters aren’t exactly thrilled that the UFC has decided to give Dan Henderson a  title shot, and it looks like you can put Chris Weidman in that camp.

After Michael Bisping too the title from Luke Rockhold at UFC 199, and Henderson bombed out Hector Lombard at that same event, a campaign started to book Bisping – Henderson II. Now, since Henderson is ranked #12, ordinarily folks wouldn’t be talking about a title shot. But, because the 45 year-old “Hendo” is one of the greatest fighter ever, and because he KO’d Bisping in 2009, a ton of folks want to see a rematch.

Well, the promotion ultimately went with the ‘yeas’, and Bisping – Henderson II will go down at UFC 204, October 8th. Recently Weidman was on “The MMA Hour”, and here’s some of what the former middleweight champ had to say about the UFC’s decision (quote via MMA

“I think it’s kind of stupid, but I also don’t like complaining about something that’s already done,” Weidman said. “It is what it is, and because it’s a done deal, you focus on the facts, and it’s a cool thing for Dan Henderson. He’s 46 years old and he gets the chance to retire with winning the belt. So you’ve got to be happy for him. I can’t complain too much.

“I was complaining when it mattered, because I just didn’t think he deserved the shot at all, and to set the precedent for the future of the sport, that is not good. It kind of takes away from working your way to fight for the title…”

Really, it’s hard to argue with any of the top ranked 185’ers who aren’t on board with the booking. After all, in theory, MMA is supposed to be a competition, whereby the most successful and talented fighters compete for championships. Henderson isn’t even ranked in the top ten.

But, one of the reasons the UFC has become so massive, is because the promotion often responds to the wishes of fans.

UFC 204 will go down in Manchester, England.


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