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Georges St-Pierre Reports He’s Starting USADA Testing in Preparation For Return

Georges St. Pierre

Some folks, like Dana White, have said they don’t believe Georges St-Pierre is going to return to the UFC, but, it’s pretty much looking like he is…

Earlier this year, GSP said he was getting the itch to fight again, and he also relayed that he’s very pleased with the UFC’s steps to curb PED use. After St-Pierre vacated the welterweight title and announced he was taking a break from fighting, he said more stringent PED testing and punishments would have to be passed, if he was to fight again.

Well, more recently GSP announced that a test, training camp went well, and that he indeed, wants to fight again. Now, in a new interview with Bloody the star said this:

“I want to. My agent is negotiating with the UFC, they had an offer, we made a counteroffer, you know that’s how business goes. And then we heard a day after that UFC sold for $4 billion dollars. So we waited for a few days, to see what was going on, because even some of the employees were afraid of losing their job – even some of the high ranking people in the UFC were afraid. We wanted to let the management to take care of their own company first, and then see what happens.

Now we’re talking again and I’m starting the USADA process to be tested, I’m starting it Aug 10. in Las Vegas. Because to be eligible to fight you need to be tested.”

That certainly sounds like someone who wants to fight again no? Sure, there’s a chance he and his team won’t reach an agreement with the UFC, and maybe GSP’s fighting days are over. But, chances are a deal is going to get done.

The 35 year-old hasn’t fought since 2013 when he earned a tightly contested, split decision win over Johny Hendricks.


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