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UFC 202: Main Card Play-By-Play And Results


The prelims for UFC 202 are all wrapped up, so it’s time to move to the main card, and Nate Diaz – Conor McGregor II.

In the co-headliner, Anthony Johnson will take on fellow light-heavyweight contender, Glover Teixeira.

Sabah Homasi vs. Tim Means

Round 1: Homasi cracks Means with a left hook. Means plants a left straight. Another hoom from Homasi lands. Homasi has landed a couple of nice legkicks. Means clinches up and throws some knees but Homasi scores the TD. Means gets back up. Homasi misses with a hook and Means clinches up. They break. Homasi lands a couple of hard punches. Means pushes him to the cage and fires a knee to the body. Front kick from Means. Homasi with a TD from way out and he gets it. Means is chucking down hard elbows to the arm of Homasi. Means gets to his feet. Means with a knee and then elbow to the head. Homasi is split open. Nice uppercut from Means. More elbows by Means. Nasty. Wow. They both fire off bigs hots. Means misses with a spinning elbow. Homasi is fading. More elbows by Means. Homasi wings off a big hook before the round ends.

Round 2: Means avoids a big right from Homasi. Front by Means and then a left straight. Means continues to press forward. Homasi’s cut is open again. More kicks by Means. Homasis attempts a body kick. Means continues to punish Homasi when they’re in the clinch. Hard hook to the body by Means. Homasi looks done. Means plants a right. Homasi is a bloody mess now. Wow. Homasi is taking a beating. Ref Herb Dean stops the fight. Great call.

Tim Means def. Sabah Homasi via TKO (strikes) R2, 2:56

Hyun Gyu Lim vs. Mike Perry 

Round 1: Perry misses with an overhand right. Gyu Lim plants a counter right. Legkick by Perry. Latter grazes Gyu Lim with a right. Another legkick by Perry. Gyu Lim lands a right. Gyu Lim catches a kick attempt and counters with an uppercut. Nice jab by Gyu Lim. Wow. Perry clips Gyu Lim with a shot and he goes down. Perry moves into sidemount and then the crucifix position. Gyu Lim finally gets out and up. Nice recover by Gyu Lim. They trade shots. Perry bombs Gyu Lim with a big right and he hits the deck again. More punches from above. Gyu Lim gets up but takes another left and goes down one more time. McCarthy stops the fight. Nice win for Perry.

Mike Perry def. Hyun Gyu Lim via TKO (punches) R1, 3:38

Donald Cerrone vs. Rick Story

Round1 : Story fires off a couple of hooks. Wow. Cerrone shoots in and gets the TD. Impressive. Story works his way out and up. Story sweeps Cerrone to the floor. Latter is hunting for a triangle but Story defends, moves into sidemount. Now Cerrone gives up his back. Cerrone gets back to his feet. Leg kick by Cerrone. And another. Cerrone flurries in and plants a couple of punches. Story fires a couple of kicks to the body. They trade shots before the round ends.

Round 2: Story wings a huge hook that misses. Cerrone fires a headkick that’s blocked. Story has a takedown stuffed. Story with a left to the body. Cerrone continues to stay busy with kicks. Wow. Cerrone flurries in and lands a headkick. Story is hurt. Cerrone fires in more punches and the fight’s done. What a beautiful fight ending combo.

Donald Cerrone def.  Rick Story via TKO (kick and punches) R2, 2:02

Anthony Johnson vs. Glover Teixeira

Round 1: Teixeira fires a hook. Unbelievable. Johnson counters with a massive right uppercut and Teixeira is out. What. A. Knockout. Johnson landed a couple more punches but he was done after the uppercut.

Anthony Johnson def. Glover Teixeira via knockout (punches) R1, 0:13

Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 

Round 1: McGregor starts with a legkick. Diaz fires one of his own. Another one by McGregor. Diaz lands a left. Another legkick by McGregor. Diaz checks a legkick. Diaz with a couple of legkicks. McGregor tags Diaz with a big left. Diaz goes down but McGregor calls him up. McGregor digs a right to the body. Another legkick by McGregor. Latter comes with a left. Diaz counters. Nice combo by Diaz. McGregor plants a hard left of his own. Another hard combo from McGregor. Diaz eats a counter. Diaz’s lead leg is getting battered. Diaz is starting to over reach a bit. McGregor cracks Diaz with another shot. Round ends.

Round 2: McGregor isn’t breathing heavy at all. Another legkick from McGregor. Wow. McGregor sends Diaz to the deck with a left and lets him up. This fight is all McGregor. Diaz goes down again from a left hand. The Irish star again, lets him back up. Diaz is bleeding from the nose. McGregor doesn’t have a mark on his face. More legkicks from McGregor. Diaz sticks a jab. McGregor tags Diaz again. McGregor dodges a punch beautifully. McGregor is reading Diaz’s entries in perfectly. Another legkick by McGregor. Diaz is still pressing forward though. Diaz lands a right. Diaz with a left. Wow. McGregor is slowing down. Diaz lands a couple of shots and McGregor stumbles back into the cage (mostly because he was off balance). Diaz is landing shots along the cage. Round ends. Diaz is back in the fight.

Round 3: McGregor is breathing heavy now. McGregor attempts an elbow. Diaz sticks a couple of jabs. Diaz is starting to taunt. Diaz lands a left and pushes McGregor to the cage. McGregor defends a TD attempt. Diaz lands a right on the break. McGregor fires in a couple of hard shots. McGregor tags him with a left and Diaz laughs. Diaz pushes him to the cage. Diaz is looking for the TD but McGregor defends. McGregor lands an elbow from the clinch. McGregor breaks free. Wow. McGregor is moving away and looks very tired. McGregor fires in a right. Another legkick by McGregor. Diaz just misses with a headkick. Diaz plants a left and pushes McGregor to the cage again. Wow. Diaz is firing in punches. This is unbelievable. More punches by Diaz. Round ends. This is nut.

Round 4: McGregor with a har 1-2. Diaz is whiping blood from his right eye. McGregor sticks a jab. Diaz is a bloody mess. Another hard legkick by McGregor. Diaz seems to be slowing down. McGregor lands a left, and another. McGregor misses with an elbow and Diaz pushes him to the cage Diaz can’t get the TD. Knee to the body by Diaz. Hard elbow by McGregor. Latter with a nice combo. Diaz cracks McGregor with a left but he answers back. Diaz’s left eye is swollen. Big left by McGregor. Action has slowed considerably. Diaz lands a left. Round ends.

Round 5: McGregor lands another legkick. McGregor fires in a left. Flying knee from the latter misses. Diaz pushes him to the cage. McGregor works his way out. McGregor continues to circle away. Diaz pushes him to the fence and is looking for the TD. McGregor defends again. Diaz lands a right. McGregor walks away and Diaz flips him the bird. Nice combo by McGregor. Left hand by Diaz. They trade shots along the cage. Big elbow by Diaz. More shots by Diaz. Another TD attempt by the latter is defended. Diaz just misses with an elbow. McGregor reverses and briefly sweeps Diaz to the floor. What a fight. More punches by Diaz. Latter finally takes McGregor down. Shots from Diaz. Final horn goes. What a war.

Conor McGregor def.  Nate Diaz via majority decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)


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