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So Alistair Overeem Doesn’t Buy Conor McGregor’s Claims About Pay…

Alistair Overeem

Conor McGregor enjoys telling fans and his fellow fighters that he makes some serious cash when he fights, but Alistair Overeem isn’t buying the Irish star makes as much money as he says…

If you follow McGregor, then you know that the UFC’s featherweight champ has said he’s made more than $10 million for each of his thrilling scraps with Nate Diaz. For UFC 202, the Nevada Commission recently revealed that McGregor was paid a guaranteed $3 million for his rematch with Diaz. That of course doesn’t include the money he made off pay-per-view sales, which likely was a lot.

Well, recently Overeem was asked about McGregor’s claims about how much cash he makes. He was also reportedly asked about Mr. Floyd Mayweather, who also isn’t shy about discussing what he makes to fight (quote via MMA

“My answer to that, to Mayweather and to Conor, let me see some bank statements,” Overeem said. “You can talk, you can say it, you can put it out there in tweets, but let me see a bank statement that says UFC wired X amount of money, because it’s always going to be this way. People lie. It’s the 21st century. Social media is fake.”

People lie all the time,” Overeem added. “Personally, I have a hard time believing both of them about their income.”

Interesting. Will McGregor proceed to tweet out a bank statement? Or, could Overeem be on point here? Hard to say. Chances are McGregor is making a pretty penny for each fight.

Overeem, meanwhile, is booked to fight heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic on September 10th at UFC 203.


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