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UFC 203: CM Punk Tells Critics He’s Not “The Same Guy” We’ve Seen on FS 1 Show

CM Punk

Since training and sparring footage of CM Punk has surfaced in recent weeks, some folks have been taking shots at the aspiring fighter. But the former pro-wrestling star’s telling his critics what we’ve seen of Punk in the gym, is no longer an accurate depiction.

Recently FOX Sports 1 started airing episodes of “The Evolution of Punk“, which follows Punk (Phil Brooks) as he transitions into MMA. Punk will make his UFC and MMA debut on September 10th versus Mickey Gall.

The footage¬†of Punk training and sparring has prompted criticism and jokes, but the thing is, they started documenting his progress back in early 2015. As a result, Punk recently had this to say, when asked about the negative feedback he’s received (quote via MMA

“It was a correct depiction of where I was at when it was shot,” Punk said. “Pre-back surgery, walking around with a herniated disc, 15 percent power in my left leg.”

“Mickey trains his ass off and he trains with a good team. He’s not gonna be the same guy he was in his last fight, just like I’m not gonna be the same guy you saw on a television show.”

Now does this mean Punk is going to showcase Stephen Thompson-ish striking skills at UFC 203? Or a Demian Maia like ground game? Of course not. But the Chicago fighter does make a good point. One would think he’s improved since the footage was shot, and chances are, significantly so.


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