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GSP Admits he Was Fighting “More to Win”, Rather Than Finish Opponents…

Georges St. Pierre

During the end of Georges St-Pierre’s reign as the UFC’s 170 champ, critics accused him of trying to win rounds, rather than finish his opponents. Well, as talks continue as a means to bring the Canadian star back to the Octagon, St-Pierre has admitted that was indeed the case…

Prior to GSP’s decision to take a hiatus back in 2013, the well rounded fighter had won seven straight bouts via decision. St-Pierre’s detractors said the welterweight was playing it safe, and trying to rack up points, instead of taking out his foe. The champ’s supporters, however, argued that GSP was facing the best of the best in each bout, and that finishing contenders wasn’t an easy task.

St-Pierre was interviewed as part of the Hurt Business film, and while doing so, he made this eyebrow raising comment (quote via MMA

“Critics said I was fighting more to win instead of finishing the fight. And it’s true. Towards the end I didn’t have the same anger, I didn’t have the same drive to hurt a guy and to finish it. It’s a fact. I tried to get it back but it’s very hard. I think the best way to get it back for me was to step out. Because it’s more of an emotion thing. I was fighting more for winning instead of going through the guy. I needed to step out to let my hunger go up.”

How about that huh? That’s a pretty interesting admission to hear no? Although, considering that St-Pierre appears to be an extremely nice individual, it’s not that shocking either.

Now it will be interesting to see what unfolds if and when St-Pierre returns. Will we see a more fired up GSP? One like the fighter who stormed through men like Matt Hughes and Sean Sherk back in the day?



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