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UFC 203: Jimmie Rivera Talks Urijah Faber, Thinks Eye Poke Was a “Little Suspect”

Jimmie Rivera

Jimmie Rivera worked his way to a victory over Urijah Faber at UFC 203, but the bantamweight’s biggest win to date, is being overshadowed by the eye injury he incurred during it. .

Rivera outstruck Faber on Saturday night to earn a UD win. Rivera did so, despite the fact he took an eye poke in round three, which he said afterwards severely limited his sight. Well, Rivera appeared on the latest “MMA Hour” on Monday to discuss the bout, and the unfortunate injury. “El  Terror” reported that while his retina is not detached, there is a “bad crack” behind it.

The surging 135’er also had this to say about Faber, when asked if he thought the eye poke was an accident (quote via MMA

“I don’t know, I think it was a little bit. I mean he hit me in the nuts, then he hit me again, grazed me and he didn’t really say sorry afterwards. If you hit somebody in the balls, you say ‘My bad.’ He didn’t say anything, so I don’t know if it was or wasn’t (intentional). It was a little suspect.”

Now, Faber boosters will argue that the perennial contender doesn’t have a rep for being a dirty fighter, and further, he certainly seems to be liked by other fighters. But, Faber’s 2014 bout with Francisco Rivera ended due to unfortunate circumstances, when the latter took an eye poke that wasn’t caught by the ref, and he was submitted soon after.

All this aside, hopefully Rivera’s eye is okay and he’ll be back in the Octagon sooner than later. The Jersey fighter certainly has another big fight coming up, on account of defeating Faber. It will also be interesting to see what’s next for the latter.


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