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CM Punk’s Coach Says a “Plethora of Promoters” Have Contacted Him About Former Pro-Wrestler

CM Punk

If the UFC does decided to release CM Punk, it doesn’t sound like the former pro-wrestler is going to have to look long or far, before he gets offered another MMA bout.

Punk made his UFC and MMA debut earlier this month at UFC 203, and was quickly submitted by Mickey Gall. Leading up to the fight, the consensus was that Gall was going to defeat Punk, but there was widespread speculation about how competitive the bout would be. Since the fight was so lopsided, however, many folks believe Punk’s next fight won’t be in the Octagon. Even Dana White has said that the 37 year-old’s next fight “probably shouldn’t be in the UFC.”

Well, recently Punk’s coach, Duke Roufus, talked to Sherdog. While doing so, the Roufusport leader said this:

He’s got some stitches (around) his eye and he had some cauliflower ear that blew up during the fight so he has to get those healed up,” he elaborated. “I know he wants to get back on the mat and keep working. I had a plethora of promoters reach out to me but I’m not his manager. People have shown great interest in working with him.”

Now, really, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Recently it was reported that UFC 203 is believed to have sold well over 400,000 pay-per-view buys, so clearly people are interested in watching Punk fight. The question is, however, would Punk be willing to fight for much, much less money?

Roufus also reported that Punk is thinking about doing some jiu-jitsu competitions, and he also believes the Chicago resident will fight again.


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