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UFC 204: Michael Bisping Fires Away at Chris Weidman, “He’s Acting Like a Little B**ch”

Michael Bisping

Chris Weidman has argued that it’s a “little embarrassing” having Michael Bisping as the UFC’s middleweight champ, and the latter has some thoughts on the “All American’s” assertion…

As you know, Bisping rocked the MMA world in June by taking out Luke Rockhold in the opening round at UFC 199, to secure the middleweight crown. Rockhold is the man who ended Weidman’s reign as champ back in December, by stopping him in the fourth round.

Since then, Weidman has relayed that Bisping being champ is “embarrassing”, and he’s also argued that its doubtful the British fighter could defeat any of the top five contenders. Well, Bisping recently spoke to, and he fired these comments back, Weidman’s way:

I think Chris is really embarrassed that I knocked out the guy that dominated him and beat the living crap out of him. He should be embarrassed that as a guy who calls himself a black belt in jiu-jitsu and some kind of crazy skilled wrestler, he was mounted by Rockhold, and had something like a hundred strikes landed on him. The referee should’ve called that fight after the third round…

Why should he be embarrassed that I’m the champ? I mean, really, it’s about time that Chris Weidman just shuts the f**k up. He’s acting like a little b**ch, and we all know it. Everybody is sick of him and all that whining….


If you’re surprised to read any of these statements coming from Bisping, then you obviously haven’t followed the outspoken fighter’s career very closely. There’s no denying that Bisping’s second scrap with Rockhold (he was stopped by the latter in 2014) went much, much better than Weidman’s UFC 194 bout with the AKA fighter did. Now does that mean Weidman can’t beat Bisping? No it doesn’t.

Weidman aside, Bisping is preparing to face the legendary Dan Henderson on October 8th at UFC 204.


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