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UFC FN 95: Roy Nelson Details Argument With “Big” John McCarthy, Following Post-Fight Incident

Roy Nelson

A lot of folks likely predicted that Roy Nelson would take “Bigfoot” Silva out at UFC FN 95 with his feared, right hand, but no one could have called what happened after.

Nelson tagged Silva with a booming right in the second round, but referee “Big” John McCarthy gave “Bigfoot” several seconds to recover before jumping in. As a result, Nelson had to follow up with more punches, and “Big Country” clearly didn’t think that was necessary. After the bout was stopped, Nelson ‘pushed’ McCarthy in the back with his foot. He also flipped the bird to the veteran ref.

Of course, the incident was a hot topic following the Brasilia card. While speaking to the media. Nelson reported that he had the following debate with McCarthy (quote via MMA

“Then we had a conversation in the cage. I was like, ‘Dude, he was knocked out.’ And [McCarthy] was like, ‘No, he wasn’t.’ And I’m like, dude, I know what a knockout is. I knock people out. That’s what I do for a living. I know what a knockout is. Just because the guy didn’t roll his eyes into the back of his head, or shake, or whatever … it was just one of those things.”

“…And I got taken by the moment, because it’s like I’m beating the sh*t out of somebody and you’re like, dude, enough is enough. And for me, it hurt my feelings. And I apologize to Big John, but I wouldn’t take it back…”

Whether you agree with Nelson or not, there’s no denying that Silva has taken a lot of punishment in recent years. So much so, it’s cause for concern. The massive heavyweight has been knocked out in five of his last six fights now.

In terms of disciplinary action that could, or could not be headed Nelson’s way, apparently it’s up to McCarthy as to whether he wants to file a complaint.


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