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So What Are Nate Diaz’s Thoughts on Eddie Alvarez – Conor McGregor? “F–k Them Both”

Nate Diaz

There’s no doubt that thousands of fans are stoked about the news that Conor McGregor will face Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, but clearly, not everyone is on board with the booking.

Since the headliner for the November 12th card was announced, several fighters have weighed in on the bout, including Nate Diaz. As you know, the latter fought McGregor not once, but twice this year, and went 1-1 with the Irish star.

Following the confirmation that Alvarez – McGregor is set for UFC 205, Diaz had this to say, while speaking to MMA

“F–k them both. You know both those little b–ches are afraid to fight me. That’s why they are fighting each other.”

“Eddie said I was next after Gilbert, then I called him a bitch in the lobby and he turned the fight down repeatedly until I beat Conor,” Diaz added. “Then he called every day asking for the fight. Bitch. What kinda fighters are these guys?”

Now, obviously McGregor and Alvarez boosters aren’t going to side with Diaz on this. Leading up to UFC 202, Alvarez said he wanted to face the winner of Diaz – McGregor II. After the latter won that fight, McGregor expressed an interest in fighting Diaz for a third time, but not next.

After Diaz lost to McGregor in August, however, he said he wanted a third fight with the featherweight champ. In fact, Diaz said he’ll wait out until he gets it.

UFC 205 will be hosted by the Madison Square Garden in New York City.



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