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Tyron Woodley Reflects on CM Punk’s Loss, Says Latter is Back in Gym

CM Punk

It remains to be seen what the future holds for CM Punk’s MMA career, following his quick loss at UFC 203, but it looks like the pro-wrestling star is already back in the gym.

Punk, or Phil Brooks, was quickly submitted by rising welterweight Mickey Gall at the event, which marked the MMA debut of the Chicago fighter. After the one sided bout, UFC President Dana White said that Punk’s next bout would likely not be with the promotion.

Although Brooks certainly seemed like a man who intends to keep pursuing his MMA dream, we haven’t heard much from the former WWE star since the loss. But, in a recent episode of The MMA Hour, Tyron Woodley reported the following (quote via MMA

“For sure, he was in the gym the other day,” Woodley said, while referring to the Roufusport gym in Milqwaukee. “I was there. I saw his car outside, and I came in, I was going to say what’s up to him. And then I guess he was in the shower when I was changing, so I missed him, but yeah he’s back in the gym training.”

So, there’s more evidence to the notion that Punk plans to continue fighting. In terms of Brooks’ loss, however, Woodley said this:

“…So we expected the guy to [try to] out-strike him, so we were going to try and bum-rush him and…I’m not going to tell the whole game plan, we might have to use it again. But in general we tried to close the gap quickly and get hands on him, and the take down just surprised me and everybody else.”

It should be noted that White’s comments about Punk fighting outside of the UFC were made, before it was reported that UFC 203 is believed to have sold over 400,000 pay-per-view buys.

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