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So Mark Henry Says he Deserves Conor McGregor’s Recent Blast…

Conor McGregor

At the UFC 205 presser last week, Conor McGregor made it clear he doesn’t care for Mark Henry, but the renowned striking coach says he deserved the verbal shot…

Following the confirmation that McGregor is going to challenge Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title on November 12th, both men were in attendance at the pre-fight presser. Henry is the striking coach for Alvarez, as well as Frankie Edgar, who for some time campaigned for a fight with McGregor. As a result, Henry has fielded plenty of questions about the featherweight champ in recent months, and the coach has been very critical of the Irish star.

Well, during the press conference, McGregor proclaimed “F–k Mary Henry”. So what was the coaches take on McGregor’s shot? Henry told MMA the following:

“I was a little upset with myself because, for over a decade being affiliated with guys in the UFC and any organization for that matter, I try to be a good example for my fighters, for my kids and especially as a coach,” Henry said. “Guys that I look up to like Renzo [Gracie] and Ricardo [Almeida] and Nick Catone, and outside of our thing, like Greg [Jackson] and Wink and Brandon Gibson, so many good guys, John Crouch. I don’t know one coach I don’t get along with.

“I talked about a fighter when I shouldn’t have, and I really felt bad about it. I don’t think I have any business talking about a fighter. And whatever Conor had to say to me I think I deserve it or more. Whatever he said…I deserve more than that.”

Interesting right? Although there’s likely plenty of people who agree with Henry on this. Now we’ll see whether Henry can steer clear of swapping verbal jabs with McGregor, as UFC 205 nears. Things are already getting pretty tense between McGregor and the lightweight champ.

UFC 205 will take place at the iconic Madison Square Garden.


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