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UFC 205: Eddie Alvarez “Never Felt so Unthreatened” During Face-Off With Conor McGregor

eddie alvarez

Eddie Alvarez has said for months that he doesn’t think much of Conor McGregor’s overall skill set, and now that they’re scheduled to fight November 12th, he’s taking the rhetoric up a notch.

McGregor will challenge the lightweight champ in the main event of UFC 205, which will take place in Madison Square Garden. For sometime now, Alvarez has argued that McGregor is not a complete fighter and that he’s been handpicking his opponents. ¬†Alvarez, as a result, campaigned hard for what he’s characterized as an easy fight.

Well, recently Alvarez appeared on “The MMA Hour” in advance of his highly anticipated¬†bout with McGregor. When asked to reflect on the stare down he recently had with the featherweight champ at a NYC presser, Alvarez reported this (quote via MMA

“Usually when square off with a man, my heart rate goes up, I feel something,” Alvarez said. “I never felt so unthreatened by a human being as when I was up on a stage with him. That’s the God’s honest truth. I’ve never felt so unthreatened.”

“They’re well versed, to the point where they can hang with some of the toughest guys in the world in any aspect of the sport,” added Alvarez, while referring to other top tier fighters. “And I don’t think [McGregor] can, from what I’ve seen.”

Much of what Alvarez has been saying is similar to what Chad Mendes relayed, leading up to his bout with McGregor last summer. Chances are, we’re going to see Alvarez test the wrestling of McGregor, just like Mendes did.

McGregor stopped Mendes late in round two of their UFC 189 bout. But, Mendes was winning the fight up until that juncture, on account of his wrestling and top game. One would think, however, that McGregor’s wrestling and jiu-jitsu have improved since then. Particularly his jiu-jitsu, since McGregor was submitted by Diaz in March, and reportedly made it a focal point of his camp for UFC 202.


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