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UFC 205: Dana White Explains Why he Gives Conor McGregor “More Rope”

Conor McGregor

There are plenty of fans, pundits and fighters who have argued Conor McGregor receives preferential treatment from the UFC, and Dana White doesn’t necessarily disagree…

Since 2016 has seen McGregor booked for a lightweight title fight with Rafael dos Anjos (before it was cancelled), a rematch with Nate Diaz, and now a fight with 155 champ Eddie Alvarez, more than a few people have argued that the Irish star is calling the shots. The fact that McGregor hasn’t been stripped of the featherweight belt, even though White said he would be, has bolstered their argument.

Well, recently White spoke with HOT 97 in New York, where Alvarez – McGregor will go down as the headliner for UFC 205. While doing so, the UFC boss man had this to say about McGregor (quote via MMA

“[Conor] ends up saying, ‘let’s do this Nate Diaz thing’ and dude he’s two weight classes heavier than you and he doesn’t care. So we do the fight,” said White. “Conor has to try to weigh 168 [pounds] when they’re weighing in at 170. The night of the fight, Diaz comes in at 190. Now Conor McGregor is a 145, 155-pound guy and if you look at the wars he’s had with Diaz, you can only have so many of those wars in your career. It doesn’t make sense.”

“…That’s why I give this guy way more rope than I give anybody else,” White said. “Conor can say whatever the hell he wants to, the guy steps up on four days notice, he can say whatever he wants. We’re in the fight game, who really wants to fight? That dude wants to fight.”

While not everyone’s down with how the UFC has been handling McGregor, there’s certainly plenty of folks who agree with what White’s saying. McGregor did agree to face Chad Mendes on short notice, and he did agree to save UFC 196, by facing Diaz at 170.

Another reason McGregor likely has “more rope”, however, is because he’s been making the promotion boatloads of cash.


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