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Report: Roy Nelson Facing Disciplinary Actions, Complaint Filed For UFC FN 96 Incident

Roy Nelson

It looks like Roy Nelson could be facing a suspension and or fine after all, following his post-fight incident with “Big” John McCarthy at UFC FN 96.

Nelson took out “Bigfoot” Silva at the September 24th card in Brasilia, but the heavyweight was upset, by what he thought was a late stoppage. Nelson lightly kicked the referee McCarthy in the back, and also gave him the finger after the fight.

Well, now MMA is reporting that a complaint has been filed against Nelson, with the Superior Justice Court of MMA (STJDMMA). Nelson could be charged with assaulting an official, and if that happens, he’s reportedly facing a fine up to $30,000 and a suspension that could be as long as two years.

Nelson could also be charged with unethical behaviour, which could result in a fine up to $10K, and a suspension between 30 days and six months. The report says that the attorney has recommended that Nelson receive a 14-month suspension and $18,500 fine, but the court will ultimately determine any disciplinary action.

Following UFC FN 96, Nelson had this to say about the incident:

“Then we had a conversation in the cage. I was like, ‘Dude, he was knocked out.’ And [McCarthy] was like, ‘No, he wasn’t.’ And I’m like, dude, I know what a knockout is. I knock people out. That’s what I do for a living. I know what a knockout is. Just because the guy didn’t roll his eyes into the back of his head, or shake, or whatever … it was just one of those things.”

“…And I got taken by the moment, because it’s like I’m beating the sh*t out of somebody and you’re like, dude, enough is enough. And for me, it hurt my feelings. And I apologize to Big John, but I wouldn’t take it back…”

So, depending on how this plays out, the 40 year-old heavyweight could go through 2017 without fighting.


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