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UFC 204: Michael Bisping Argues Dan Henderson is a “One-Trick Pony”, Says He’ll Make a “Mess” of Legend

Kelsey Mowatt

Michael Bisping

If you thought Michael Bisping might take it easy on the trash talk leading up to UFC 204, since it will likely mark the end of Dan Henderson’s storied career, well, you don’t know “The Count” too well.

Yes, in advance of their highly anticipated bout, Bisping certainly hasn’t put the brakes on his verbal attacks. Not only does the outspoken British star want to avenge his 2009, KO loss to “Hendo”, but in recent months, Bisping has relentlessly criticized Henderson for his TRT use. In fact, during their face-off at Thursday’s media day, Bisping took a shot at Henderson regarding TRT.

Bisping also appeared on the most recent “UFC Tonight“, and here is just some of what the middleweight champ had to say about his American opponent (quote via FOX Sports 1 press release):

“He’s a one-trick pony. He doesn’t wrestle anymore. He looks for that big right hand. You know he’s looking for it. And you know he’s lethal. He’s got good timing and speed with it. All I’ve got to do is avoid the right hand. Geeze Daniel, if you can beat him, I can certainly beat him.

“I’m going to make a mess out of him in the first round. I’ll wait until he slows down in the second and I put the volume up, and the third he’s going to be predictable, I’m going to see those punches coming from a mile away, and that’s when I’ll finish him.”

So, ya, chances are big time Henderson fans have only become more and more invested in Saturday’s bout, on account of Bisping’s comments. But, this is another reason why Bisping has become one of the biggest names in MMA – he’s one of the game’s most polarizing fighters. Can he back up the trash talk tomorrow? He’s certainly done so before.

UFC 204 will take place in Manchester, England.


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