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FightTrends: RVCA Fedor Emelianenko and Vitor Belfort Track Jackets

RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Track JacketHopefully soon we will get to see these guys back in action, but if not, at least we have these new RVCA Fedor Emelianenko and Vitor Belfort Track Jackets. RVCA’s BJ Penn track jacket was popular and they’ve followed suit and made them for Fedor and Belfort as well.

Not only can you have their track jackets, but you could have an entire matching set with the RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Strikeforce Walkout T-Shirt, RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Hat, RVCA Vitor Belfort Sword T-Shirt and the RVCA Vitor Belfort Hat.

PURCHASE: RVCA Fedor Emelianenko Track Jacket

PURCHASE: RVCA Vitor Belfort Track Jacket

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