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Conor McGregor to Nevada Commission: “Good Luck Trying to Get” $150,000 Fine

Conor McGregor

After being hit with a $150,000 fine from the Nevada Commission, it doesn’t sound like Conor McGregor plans to fire off a check anytime soon.

Earlier this week, it was announced that McGregor was fined $150,000, and sentenced to 50 hours of community service, for his part in the water bottle throwing incident at a UFC 202 presser. Well, in a follow up interview with Rolling Stone, not only did McGregor say he doesn’t intent to fight in Nevada for the “foreseeable future”, the Irish fighter also said this:

“I thought they might respect [McGregor calling in] a little bit more,” McGregor said. “I owned up. I man’d up. I’m here. I apologized. I’m not trying to blame nobody, although they fired the rounds off first. I didn’t think they would even go that route because I didn’t think this was like a real thing. Are they going to come and arrest me or what the fuck is that? I wanted to give them the respect and I felt they would have respected that but they didn’t. So, whatever. It is what it is. Good luck trying to get it.”

There you go. McGregor is scheduled to fight in New York City, November 12th, against lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez.


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