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So “The Korean Zombie” Wants to Fight BJ Penn in UFC Return…

Chan Sung Jung

Finally, after three plus years away from fighting, Chan Sung Jung is preparing for his UFC return, and he wants to scrap the legendary BJ Penn.

If you’re brand new to all this MMA stuff, then you might not know who Jung is. The latter, who also goes by “The Korean Zombie”, is one of the best featherweights on the planet. But, during his 2013 bout with then champion Jose Aldo, Jung injured his shoulder. After that, the South Korean fighter had to serve the mandatory, two year military service requirement for his nation.

Well, recently posted a video with the talented fighter, and in it, “TKZ” relayed that he’s getting ready to return to the Octagon. Jung also had this to say about Mr. Penn (quote via MMA

“For the past six months, there’s a fighter that I’ve been wanting to fight: B.J. Penn,” Jung said. “When the B.J. Penn (vs. Ricardo) Lamas fight was announced, I thought I missed my chance. But, then I heard that B.J. Penn had a rib injury, so I kind of felt like maybe it was an opportunity for me. It would be great timing if B.J. Penn and I were ready to come back at the same time.

“Since he was at lightweight before, I never really thought about fighting him that much. But when he came down to featherweight, I would think that all of the fighters in the division would have liked to fight him…”

There you have it. Now could this bout happen? Possibly. Jung was one of the top 145’ers on the roster before he was sidelined, and he’s also a fan favorite with hardcore observers. Regardless of who “TKZ” faces, it will be nice to see him back in action.

The 29 year-old currently holds a record of 13-4.



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