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Georges St-Pierre’s Lawyer Blasts UFC Contract, Says Fighters “Have no Rights”

Georges St. Pierre

It looks like Georges St-Pierre and the UFC could be headed for a legal battle, and recent comments from his lawyer demonstrate why that could be the case.

Unless you’ve been taking a break from the MMA digital pages recently, then you know that GSP has been back in the headlines this week. On Monday, the former welterweight champ reported his lawyer has informed the UFC that his contract is void. St-Pierre relayed on “The MMA Hour” that his lawyer, James Quinn, has terminated his contract because the UFC didn’t meet their deadline for a bout offer. Not surprisingly, the UFC has since said that they still have GSP under contract.

Since then Quinn has spoken with MMA, and the lawyer blasted the Canadian’s UFC contract:

“They’re basically tying him up for life. They have no rights and they own all of his licensing and all the other things. It’s unheard of in the other professional sports. And they won’t get away with it forever.”

“You couldn’t get away with any old contract in any of the other sports,” Quinn added. “There is litigation in that aspect of a class-action lawsuit that challenges the contract as being illegal under the NHS laws. That case is ongoing, and I think that under the law’s terms, I don’t think the contract — that formal contract — is likely to stand up. Not in today’s world. It’s a pretty nice form of slavery.”

So, ya. This is starting to get ugly. St-Pierre has said several times that he was looking to land a new deal, since his current contract was signed several years ago, prior to the UFC’s Reebok uniform agreement. Currently fighters can’t wear other sponsorships during fight week, and as a result, St-Pierre would lose out on cash.

It will be interesting to see if this gets worked out, and if somehow, somewhere, GSP fights again.


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