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Tyron Woodley Says Bout With Conor McGregor Would be Bad For The Latter’s “Health”

Conor McGregor

A lot has to happen before Tyron Woodley and Conor McGregor ever face off. But according to the welterweight champ, the Irish star should avoid the fight if he knows what’s good for his health.

McGregor and Woodley are scheduled to compete alongside each other at UFC 205. The latter will look to defend the 170 crown against Stephen Thompson, and McGregor will attempt to grab the 155 title from Eddie Alvarez.

Earlier this year, there was a lot of buzz about the possibility of McGregor fighting for the welterweight title, after he reported he felt good training at that weight. Since then, however, McGregor went 1-1 while fighting Nate Diaz at 170 pounds.

Well, recently Woodley spoke with BJ’s “Rapid Fire“, and the powerful wrestler had this to say regarding a fight with McGregor:

“Well first off I think Conor is a smart individual and he knows that fighting me is not going to be good for his health.” Woodley said while laughing. “I just do not really see him wanting that fight…”

“…So he is a smart business guy and so I do not think he is going to want to come up and fight a guy who is going to outsize him. Being 170 and fighting 170 is two different things. I walk around at 200. Giving up that 30-pounds. Plus he is not going to have a boxing advantage. He is definitely not going to have a wrestling advantage. He is definitely not going to have a strength advantage. And it would be a lopsided display of power. I just really do not think there is any advantage to him having that fight with me.”

Of course you never know. If McGregor defeats Alvarez, and then defends the lightweight title, maybe he will make a run for the welterweight belt as well. But, as Woodley alluded to, he would be giving up a lot in size and power.

UFC 205 will take place on November 12th in New York City.


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