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Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Coach Criticizes UFC Over Handling of Title Shot

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov wasn’t too pleased with how the UFC handled his next bout, and clearly neither was his coach, Javier Mendez.

A few weeks ago, UFC President Dana White announced that Nurmagomedov was going to fight lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez next. Then Nurmagomedov reported he had received bout agreements to face Alvarez, for both UFC 205 and 206.

As you surely know, however, the UFC went with Conor McGregor afterall, and Nurmagomedov didn’t care for how the situation was handled. Well, recently Mendez spoke with, and while doing so, he had this to say about what went down (quote via MMA

“By all rights, people want to see Conor fight,” Mendez said. “No problem. But don’t give a guy a contract if you’re not intending to give him a fight.”

“I was disappointed,” Mendez added. “Not disappointed that (Conor) got the title shot, just disappointed that Khabib was used as a pawn, in my opinion. Why give a guy a contract to fight and actually not give him the fight?”

There’s no question that a bazillion people are excited to see Alvarez – McGregor, but a lot of folks believe Nurmagomedov got the raw end of the deal here. The grappling demi-god is booked to fight Michael Johnson now at UFC 205. If the undefeated fighter wins, it would be pretty shocking if a title shot doesn’t come next. Then again…


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