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So Jose Aldo’s Coach Says Star Has “No Choice” But to Fight For UFC Again…

Kelsey Mowatt

jose aldo

According to recent comments Jose Aldo’s head coach has made, it looks like we may see the Brazilian star throw down in the Octagon again.

If you’ve been following this situation, then you know that Aldo has asked to be released from his UFC contract, so he can pursue other opportunities. The interim featherweight champ decided to do so, after the promotion agreed to let Conor McGregor challenge lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez, but not vacate the 145 title.

Prior to the booking, UFC President Dana White repeatedly said that McGregor had to face Aldo again, or vacate the featherweight championship.

Well, more recently Aldo and his coach Andre Pederneiras met with UFC officials,┬ábut it doesn’t sound like any progress was made. Pederneiras recently told Combate the following (quote via Bloody

“Right now we have this Pettis vs. Holloway fight, and there’s Conor’s decision, too. We can only know what’s going to happen after that. Aldo wants to retire in order to do other things, but in these talks we had with the UFC, it became quite clear that they will not let him go to pursue that. There’s no choice but to fight. It’ll depend on the outcomes of these two fights. Pettis vs. Holloway and Conor vs. Alvarez. I don’t know what Conor will decide, but I believe February or March would be a good date to face him. They are fighting now, so there would be a good three, four month break.”

So, one could conclude from these comments that Aldo is hoping to compete in another sport, but due to his UFC contract, he’s prohibited from doing so. Aldo has already said that he doesn’t want to fight for another MMA organization.

The question is, if Aldo decides to fight again under these circumstances, how will he perform?

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