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UFC 205: Eddie Alvarez Says Conor McGregor Has Fought “Chumps”

Kelsey Mowatt

eddie alvarez

Conor McGregor has defeated notable names like Chad Mendes, Nate Diaz, Max Holloway and of course, Jose Aldo since arriving in the UFC, but Eddie Alvarez isn’t impressed with the star’s resume.

For several months now, Alvarez has been picking away at McGregor through the media. During that time, the lightweight champ has argued McGregor isn’t a top caliber, five round fighter. He’s also questioned whether the latter has well rounded skillset.

Well, now Alvarez is booked to fight McGregor at UFC 205, November 12th in New York City. During a recent media call the UFC held to promote the bout, Alvarez had this to say about McGregor’s record (quote via Bloody Elbow):

“He’s fought a bunch of chumps. If I had the resume he had, if they gave me that resume, if I was that lucky to get them opponents, the same sh-t would happen, if not worse. Styles make matchups. When you pick the style you want to fight, then sh-t, you get mismatched, you can knock everyone out.”

“I can go to the supermarket right now and punch a guy in the mouth and look like a superhero,” Alvarez added. “But when you fight the best guys in the world, the true best guys in the world, it’s going to be tough. The fight’s going to be tough. Sh-t’s gonna change. You’re not gonna look as good.”

Styles do indeed make matchups. Now, chances are that Alvarez is exaggerating a bit here, as a means to get in McGregor’s head. It’s likely Alvarez doesn’t really think that Aldo and Mendes etc, are “chumps”. The former Bellator champ did note that he’s bigger than Mendes, who McGregor argued Alvarez is similar to. McGregor stopped Mendes last summer in round two, but he did spend a fair amount of time on his back during the scrap.


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