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UFC 205: So John Kavanagh Says Conor McGregor Hasn’t Given ” a Hint” he Plans to Vacate Any Title

Conor McGregor

Now sure, Conor McGregor has to defeat Eddie Alvarez this Saturday at UFC 205, and that won’t be easy. But if he does, more-and-more it doesn’t sound like he has any intention of making things easy on the UFC, and vacating a title.

If you’ve been following all the drama tied to McGregor’s 145 belt, then you know it wasn’t long ago when UFC boss man Dana White said the star had to defend that belt next, or vacate it. But, the UFC didn’t force McGregor’s hand on that issue, and he’s booked to fight for the lightweight title, while remaining the featherweight champ.

Since McGregor was tapped to fight Alvarez, White has said that if he defeats the latter, he’ll have to pick one title to vacate. McGregor has repeatedly questioned why he should have to give up on of the belts, and recently John Kavanagh said this on “The MMA Hour” (quote via MMA

“I have not heard a hint of him giving up the belt,” Kavanagh said. “He has never said to me, ‘Oh, I’m gonna hand back the 45 or the 55.’ Any time I’ve heard him talk about it, he’s been very clear, very loud, very vocal about saying he fights very often. Look how close he is from fighting, literally just a couple of months ago. It’s not unusual for a champion to defend the belt once a year or twice a year.”

So, ya. Perhaps this has to do with the announcement McGregor plans on making? Even if it doesn’t, it certainly doesn’t look like the Straight Blast Gym fighter is on board with White here. When you consider how much cash the UFC could generate by having McGregor stay busy and defend two different titles, don’t be surprised if no title is vacated…Yes, even if riles up the lightweight and featherweight contenders.

UFC 205 will take place at Madison Square Garden in New York City.


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