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PRIDE To Stay In Ring, Adopt Unified Rules

With news coming out left and right (and me stuck in college classes) I have been slow to update so here is the first of a few posts for the night. In the Las Vegas Review Journal, Dana White elaborated on some of the specifics of PRIDE’s transfer to the Zuffa banner:

White said Pride would adopt the same rules that are used in the United States and expressed a desire to use the so-called unified rules around the world. Soccer kicks and knees to the head were legal in Pride fights in Japan, but they were outlawed in two shows that were held at the Thomas & Mack Center.

However, White said any fight held with the Pride banner would continue to be in a ring. UFC fights are in a cage.

“This is a sport and we’re going to follow the unified rules that were established in New Jersey and then in Nevada,” White said. “It’s a sport — mixed martial arts — and the sport should have the same rules everywhere. As far as I’m concerned, if an organization doesn’t follow these rules, it’s not MMA. It’s something else, but that’s not MMA.”

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to most because the octagon is what distinguihes the UFC from other promotions and the ring sets Pride apart for most UFC fans so this is most likely a decision to stick with the status quo as opposed to changing it up.

The much bigger story that was expected was that PRIDE will now adopt the unified rules which were established in New Jersey. For those unfamiliar with all of them they can be found on Wikipedia.

Personally I think this is a smart move for the UFC and PRIDE for a few reasons. First of all, it prevents fighters from using rules changes between organization as an excuse for their loss. Also, this will give the unified rules more unity as more and more organizations will adopt the same rules and they will provide casual fans a basic understanding of every MMA organization.

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