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Frank Shamrock Dropped From IFL, But Will Rematch Renzo

According to MMA Weekly, Frank Shamrock will be stepping back into the cage to face Renzo Gracie in their long awaited rematch. Shamrock stated “I’m going to fight Renzo in April…. my wife is having a baby in May, and then I’ll probably fight again in (or around) September.” For those who don’t know or remember, Shamrock lost the first bout with Gracie due to a disqualification from illegal knees to the head. Last I checked, the video from this fight was still lingering around youtube so feel free to check it out and see for yourself.

Also reported was the release of Frank Shamrock and his San Jose Razorclaws from the IFL roster. Fans however do not seem to be as disappointed with this piece of news, and appear to be more excited with his announced rematch with Gracie. Shamrock commented on the IFL’s decision “They said they were going a different direction with their business….They’re good people and they’re a good company. They’ve got a hard road ahead of them. I’m still willing to help in any way because they treated me real good.” It has not yet been stated which organization will be hosting the Shamrock-Gracie rematch, but I speculate EliteXC since they’ve hosted or at least co-hosted Shamrocks last two bouts. Without going too in depth, I take Shamrock to beat Gracie in the rematch as long as he doesn’t “accidentally” pull another illegal move and get himself disqualified.


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